Here is a tasty flavour list for bite sized treats.

∆ = Premium flavours. These start at $4.25 / each for regular size and $2.15 / each for minis

Toasted Marshmallow
Vanilla cupcake, condensed milk and toasted meringue

Blueberry Surprise
Cinnamon cupcake and blueberry buttercream

The French Canadian
Vanilla cupcake, maple buttercream and bacon bits

Raspberry Cream
Vanilla cupcake, vanilla bean custard, raspberry buttercream

Curried Mango
Garam Masala cupcake with curried mango buttercream

Bacon Bonanza
Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream and bacon bits

Chocolate A-Salt
Chocolate cupcake with caramel buttercream and fleur de sel sprinkled on top

Hot Chocolcate
Chocolate cupcake with chili flake ganache

Perfect Passion
Vanilla cupcake and passionfruit buttercream

Heirloom Cupcake
Chocolate cupcake with white chocolate, lavender buttercream

Pink Vanilla
Chocolate cupcake, raspberry compote and raspberry/vanilla bean buttercream

Lemon Meringue
Lemon cupcake, lemon curd and toasted meringue

Pandan cupcake with vanilla buttercream and toasted coconut

Chocolate Hazelnut
Chocolate cupcake, Nutella and chocolate hazelnut buttercream

Red Velvet
Red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing

Vanilla PB&J
Vanilla cupcake, raspberry compote and peanut butter buttercream

Mint Chip
Chocolate cupcake, dark chocolate ganache, mint buttercream, chocolate crips pearls