Vanilla Cakes

 Vanilla Latte
Vanilla cake, vanilla and coffee buttercreams, coffee simple syrup and optional candied walnuts

Pineapple Right Side Up
(Salted or Unsalted)

Vanilla cake, caramel buttercream and pineapple curd and vanilla simple syrup

Salted Caramel Banana
Vanilla cake, caramel buttercream, banana caramel and salted caramel drizzle

Heirloom Cake
Vanilla cake, lavender buttercream, vanilla custard and lavender simple syrup

Vanilla cake, condensed milk and vanilla custard

Lemon Meringue
Vanilla cake, lemon curd, vanilla custard and lemon simple syrup

PB & J
Vanilla cake, Peanut butter buttercream and raspberry compote with Raspberry simple syrup

Raspberry Cream
Vanilla cake, raspberry buttercream, vanilla custard

Berry Lemonade
Vanilla cake, lemon curd and your choice or blueberry, raspberry or strawberry compote


Chocolate Cakes

 Bacon Bonanza
Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, dark chocolate bacon ganache

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate cake, chili flake ganache and vanilla simple syrup

Chocolate A-Salt
Chocolate cake, salted caramel and chocolate ganache and vanilla simple syrup

The Dee Daniels*
Chocolate cake, lavender and white chocolate buttercream with vanilla/lavender simple syrup

Berry Vanilla
Chocolate cake, raspberry compote, raspberry/vanilla bean buttercream and vanilla simple syrup



Tout l’Monde
Almond cake with dark chocolate ganache, spiced vanilla buttercream and vanilla simple syrup

Classic Carrot
Carrot cake with citrus cream cheese icing

Regal Red
Red Velvet cake, cream cheese icing

Curried Mango
Garam Masala cake, curried mango buttercream, mango compote and spiced vanilla simple syrup

Blueberry Surprise
Cinnamon cake, blueberry buttercream and blueberry compote


Modest Taste-buds?

Never fear! I'd be happy to make chocolate or vanilla cakes

with chocolate, vanilla or fruit buttercreams.


Allergies?   Get Cake!

Gluten free, egg free and dairy free cakes available




*My mom’s (Dee) favourite cake